3 Ways That Dimmers Can Save You Time and Money

3 Ways That Dimmers Can Save You Time and Money

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Dimmer installation in des moines by Integra Electrical

All About Dimmers

Integra Electrical

Home maintenance can add up in costs, and it can be difficult to cut down on your utility bills. Emergencies can happen at any time, and appliances simply aren’t built to last forever. The good news is that there are a few tricks every homeowner can use to save money and keep your home in tip-top shape. Most probably don’t think of their home’s lighting as a way to cut down on costs, but dimmers can save you money. Your home’s lighting can not only be energy efficient, but customizable and cozy.

How Dimmers Can Help Your Home

You might not think it, but the quality of lighting can increase your home’s value and comfort tremendously. Installing dimmers adds a variety of different lighting settings to your home to save money and add ambiance. Like any electrical appliance, however, your lighting is complicated and it can be difficult to get just the right amount of lighting. Dimmers give you that trial and error without having to have a licensed electrician replace and install multiple light fixtures. If you’re considering adding some dimmers to your home, here’s how a few dimmers can help you.

  • You save money. Dimmers are economic in that they consume considerably less energy when you dim the lights. Traditional light switches only give you the option of shutting off a light or turning it on, which means either you use 0% energy or 100%. A dimmer switch gives you full control of how much energy you want to use in a light switch, which can decrease your utility bills, saving $30 a year.
  • Your light bulbs last longer. On top of consuming less energy, a home with dimmers means fewer trips to the hardware store to replace your light bulbs. Generally the less light is used, the longer the bulb lasts. 
  • They provide a variety of lighting. Besides saving money, the best perk of a dimmer is flexibility. Installing dimmers to your lighting enables you to adjust different light fixtures in your rooms for different effects. Dimmers are also easy to use because they can be programmed to change at certain times or controlled with an app or touch screen. Whether you want to accentuate some art, add ambiance, or sleep a little better at night, dimmers help to make that happen.

What You Need to Know About Dimmers

Dimmers not only improve your home’s quality of lighting, but they also come in a variety of switches and can add different effects to each room. While it might be tempting to try and install a dimmer switch on your own, your lighting is complicated, and best left to a licensed electrician to install. If you’re ready to upgrade your home’s lighting, there are a few important factors to consider first.

  • The type of switch. A dimmer is not only flexible for your home’s lighting; it’s also flexible in what type of switch you can use to adjust the lighting. An integrated switch, for example, allows you to create multiple lighting presets for one room which is controlled either by a button in the wall or a wireless controller. There are touch dimmer switches that are controlled with a simple tap of your finger and some can even switch back to a prior light setting. For something less sophisticated, there are manual switches like a slider or a rotary switch, which allow you to manually adjust the lighting.
  • The type of dimmer. You can also decide how complex you want your lighting control setup to be. A single-pole dimmer controls the dimming and lighting for all your home’s light fixtures. Three-way or four-way dimmers are used for light fixtures to be controlled by one dimmer switch with additional on and off switches. Multi-location dimmers enable you to use multiple dimmer switches to control multiple dimmers. 
  • What you want in each room. It’s important to remember that dimmers not only save you money but offer a variety of uses for each room. Having dimmers in the bathroom, for example, allows you to turn down the lights first thing in the morning for your light-sensitive eyes. Dimmers are especially best for bedrooms as the dimmed light helps prepare your body to wind down for sleep. Kitchens which can be a popular room to hang out can benefit from dimmer lights, as good lighting makes for a good-looking kitchen, which saves you money and adds curb appeal. Even outdoor lighting benefit from a dimmer switch, especially when you need a little extra light in the evenings.

Your Home Deserves Better Lighting

Saving money is tough, especially when it’s time to pay the utility bill, but installing dimmers is one helpful trick that benefits homeowners. Dimmers add a nice variety of lighting for decoration and ambiance for comfort and help cut down on utility costs. Upgrading your home’s lighting, however, is best left to a licensed electrician, who not only can help you pick a dimmer that will work best for your home, but ensure your new lighting is installed safely. Call an electrician today and get the best lighting your home deserves.

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100 AMP Electric Service Upgrade In Madrid Iowa

100 AMP Electric Service Upgrade In Madrid Iowa

  • Electrical

Do you need a 100 AMP Electric Service Upgrade In Madrid Iowa? Was your electric service interrupted by the Midwest derecho in August? At Integra Electrical, we can help turn your lights back on and upgrade your electrical system at the same time. We recently did just this for one of your neighbors! They had an existing electrical system that was damaged during the derecho, so they decided to upgrade to a Premium 100 amp EnergyMax Electric Service. Check out our post below to see the latest 100 AMP Electric Service Upgrade In Madrid Iowa completed by the team here at Integra.

Derecho Storm Damage

The exposed power lines along with the broken meter and panel box (seen below) instantly left the customer with an unsafe situation. Integra was there to help and bring power back to this customer and make their electrical system safe again.


During the Power Installation

The team at Integra was able to restore power to every corner of the customer’s home by installing new electrical line boxes all around exterior of the home connected to the new electrical panel which was equipped with new panel labeling and properly sized breakers.

After the 100 AMP Electric Service Upgrade In Madrid Iowa

A new meter and panel allow for the new system to function and power to be restored to the customer’s home. (See finished job below)

Every premium 100 amp EnergyMax electric service upgrade get these services:

Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty on Breakers

Total No Lemon Guarantee

Delivery Date Guarantee

Code and Safety Guarantee

Advanced Craftsman Installation

Stringent Code Compliance

All required permits

All required inspections

Panel labeling

New Electrical Panel

New Main Disconnect

New weather head and mast if applicable

New Main Power Cable

Complete grounding system

All connected circuits installed

All properly sized breakers for existing circuits

Call Integra Today For Your Electrical Needs!

Our team of electricians are standing by and ready to perform any electrical upgrades your home may need. Call our office today and see why local homeowners trust their electrical systems to Integra!

100 AMP Electric Service Upgrade In Madrid Iowa

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Electrical Safety Tips For Your Home

Electrical Safety Tips For Your Home

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electrical safety tips in Indianola from Integra Electrical

Electrical Safety In Your Indianola Home

Integra Electrical

Even if your lights aren’t flickering, you could still have problems with the electrical flow throughout your home that haven’t shown up yet. Following these tips will help you get ahead of problems before they occur. Knowledge is power, and a solid understanding of your electrical systems and where potential problems may occur can help keep you and your family safe. The good news is that you don’t need an electrical license or a Master’s degree to follow these tips–and while you may have heard a few of these before, you’ll almost certainly find a new idea that can help you save money and stay safe. 

Indoor Electrical Safety Tips

  • Unplug Battery Chargers. Did you know that your battery chargers continue to pull a trickle of electricity through the wires even if you’re not actively charging your electronics? Unplugging them from the wall completely offers one less opportunity for a fire to start–plus saves money on your next energy bill!
  • Keep Electrical Fixtures Clear. Ensure that your electrical outlets are clear of furniture or clothing that could potentially cause a spark or burn if they got hot enough. 
  • Right-Size Your Bulbs. Lighting fixtures are rated for specific bulb wattages, and exceeding that wattage requirement can cause an overload on your wiring, just as an underpowered bulb can cause stress to the system. 
  • Replace Damaged Cords. Probably everyone has considered putting duct tape or electrical tape on a fraying cord at some point–but resist that idea! Damaged cords are prone to cause shock, short circuits, or even fire.
  • Use a GCFI. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (or GCFIs) are commonly used in outlets, and can immediately shut off the electric power to reduce the risk of electric shock or fires. They’re intended to trigger when current is flowing through a person or through the water.
  • Test Smoke and Carbon Dioxide Detectors. An easy way to remember when you need to test your carbon dioxide and smoke detectors is that they should be tested and batteries replaced with each change of the seasons. 

Outdoor Electrical Safety Tips

  • Cut Back Debris. Outdoor electrical outlets are very handy, but they can also be prone to a lot of different problems such as shrubbery that grows too close to the wall or other debris. 
  • Review Your Tools. Outdoor power tools such as leaf blowers or trimmers have cords that are more likely to fray due to rough usage. Check them often and replace the cords as needed.
  • Upgrade Circuit Panels. When in doubt, call a licensed, professional electrician to upgrade or review your circuit panels. 
  • Know Your Space. When you’re working outside on a ladder, be cautious of the placement of electrical lines and wiring so you don’t accidentally yank something loose. 

These simple tips can help your family stay safe this fall and all year ’round! Electricity is a wonderful modern convenience, but taking the time to perform simple reviews of your wiring and electrical systems can help reduce the number of accidents that occur each year. Call Integra Electrical today to schedule your electrical repair if you need it!

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8 Kitchen and Bathroom Lighting Upgrades

8 Kitchen and Bathroom Lighting Upgrades

  • Electrical
kitchen and bathroom lighting upgrades

Ways To Upgrade Your Home Lighting

Integra Electrical

One of the biggest concerns that you should have as a homeowner is finding the right additions to add more appeal to your residence. For most homeowners, making upgrades in both their bathroom and kitchen is important due to the amount of use these areas get. Lighting is one of the main issues that should be addressed when trying to make these areas more functional. Without proper lighting upgrades, you will experience issues like an overall decline in the room’s atmosphere or the inability to function in either room due to a lack of visibility. Below are some of the lighting upgrades you need to consider for your home’s bathroom and kitchen.

1. Track Lighting

If you are looking to increase both the appeal and visibility in the bathroom or kitchen of your home, then track lighting is a great option. Track lighting is easy to install and will provide a higher degree of illumination. The addition of track lighting will allow you to point the lamps in any direction that you want, which only increases the level of customization you can take advantage of.

2. Self and Cabinet Lighting

One of the most poorly lit areas in a bathroom or kitchen is around the cabinets. Trying to find spices or even towels without the proper amount of lighting can be nearly impossible. Installing under cabinet lighting is the best way to solve this problem while adding an ambiance to the kitchen and bathroom areas in your home.

3. Chandeliers are a Great Addition

Creating an environment in your bathroom or kitchen that is luxurious and classy is easy when finding the right chandelier. In smaller bathrooms and kitchens, having a chandelier is essential due to the space that it can save you. If you have no room for floor lamps in these areas, a chandelier is a great option due to the amount of light it can produce and the appeal it is able to add. When choosing a chandelier, you will need to contemplate just how grandiose you want it to be. There are a variety of different chandeliers on the market, which means you can achieve the customized look you need with ease.

4. Recessed Lighting

Are you looking for lighting fixtures that can help to make your bathroom or kitchen appear bigger? Recessed lighting is a great option when trying to accomplish this task. Adding recessed lighting will result in what is called wall washing. This term is used to describe a lighting fixture that offers increased illumination to the walls in a particular room. Most homeowners who have sloped ceilings will benefit the most from the installation of recessed lighting and the subsequent wall washing effect it will produce.

5. Dimmer Switch

If you are looking for more control of the lighting that you have in your bathroom and kitchen, then a dimmer switch is a great option. Not only with the installation of this switch allow you to adjust the brightness of a room, but it will also allow you to save energy in the process. Generally, bulbs will last 25% longer when used in conjunction with a dimmer switch.

6. Change Light Bulbs

When trying to improve the ambiance and illumination that you have in the bathroom or kitchen in your home, you may want to change out the existing light bulbs. You need to make sure that the bulbs you are using are the right wattage. Using a higher wattage than recommended can lead to the bulbs burning out quicker.

7. Bathroom Mirror Lighting

One of the most used methods of illuminating a bathroom is via a mirror with lights built into it. Not only will these mirrors help you to navigate your way to the bathroom during the night time hours, but they can also offer a level of appeal that is unrivaled. When trying to get the right backlit bathroom mirror, you will have to take some measurements to ensure you get the proper fit. Due to the complexity involved in installing these mirrors, you will need to hire a professional with plenty of experience to help out.

8. Accent Lighting

In some instances, the reason for installing additional lighting in the bathroom and kitchen of a home is to highlight some of the structural features it has. Using accent lighting will allow you to draw attention to the best features in your home while creating an ambiance in the process. If you are unsure what type of structural elements you need to highlight with accent lighting, then having a professional familiar with home illumination give you guidance is vital.

Investing in new bathroom lighting will not only add more appeal to your home, but it can also increase the value. Choosing energy-efficient lighting can also help you to save money on utility bills over time.

When you need lighting repairs or installation, call the experts at Integra Electrical! 

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Wind Storm Electrical Repair In Ankeny Iowa

Wind Storm Electrical Repair In Ankeny Iowa

  • Electrical

Are you in need of wind storm electrical repair in Ankeny, Iowa following the recent storm? On 8-10-20 in central Iowa, storms with hurricane speed winds ripped through many of the communities that we serve here at Integra Electrical leaving lots of damage in its path. We got a call from one of the many homes in the area with electrical damage. Check out our post below to see the team here at Integra was able to help this customer return power to their home.

Wind Storm Damage

The service mast was knocked off the house from a large tree branch (seen below) which instantly left the customer with an unsafe situation. The power had been disconnected from the house and the power lines were exposed.  In this type of situation the power company must immediately cut power to the home to preserve the safety of everyone involved until the connection to the home is fixed.


Repairing the Storm Damage

To begin our wind storm electrical repair in Ankeny Iowa, we had to work to restore the power connection to the home. This service required a new main electric line to the home, replacement of the service mast, along with new conductors and conduit.  You can see below the pictures of the power connection damaged before the team here at Integra made the repairs. We also coordinated with MidAmerican, the local power provider to reconnect the power once the installation was complete and was safe for the customer.

wind storm electrical repair in Ankeny Iowa

Call Integra Today For Your Electrical Needs!

Our team of electricians are standing by and ready to perform any electrical upgrades your home may need. Call our office today and see why local homeowners trust their electrical systems to Integra!

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5 Electrical Features Keeping Your Home Safe

5 Electrical Features Keeping Your Home Safe

  • Electrical
electrical safety

5 Electrical Features Keeping Your Home Safe

Many people don’t realize just how much you’re required to know as a homeowner until they’ve already signed a mortgage and started moving in. If you’ve never owned a home before, it can quickly feel like a full-time job or a test that you can never quite sturdy enough for. Out of all the things that are important to know as a homeowner, however, your house’s electrical system should always be at the very top of the list.

Knowing how your electrical system works can save you money on utility bills and decrease your carbon footprint, but it can also bring with it the biggest benefit of all: keeping you and your family safe and secure at all times.

What Happens if You Don’t Know How Your Electrical System Works?

Failing to understand the various features and components that make up your home’s electrical system leaves you vulnerable in a number of different ways. This goes well beyond the simple fact that if something breaks, nobody will be around to fix it but you. It also brings with it a number of other issues, including but not limited to things like:

  • You’re decreasing your personal and home safety. Small problems with your home’s electrical system can quickly create dangerous situations before you know it.
  • You’re increasing the cost of your monthly utility bills by failing to take advantage of certain tips and best practices.
  • You literally don’t have the knowledge required to make smart energy consumption and safety decisions moving forward.

These are all pretty significant problems, but luckily they all have the same straightforward solution: education.

Why You Should Learn Your Home’s Electrical System Features

Along the same lines, taking the time to learn more about your home’s electrical system brings with it a host of unique benefits that you can’t afford to ignore:

  • You increase your home safety. If a small problem with your electrical system occurs, you know exactly what to fix (and most importantly, how to fix it) to avoid letting it snowball into a much more dangerous situation.
  • You decrease your monthly utility bills. Knowing your electrical system allows you to make sure it’s running efficiently, which avoids waste and sends those monthly bills as low as possible.
  • You can make smarter energy consumption choices. You can more easily identify which habits you and your family have that are costing you money, allowing you to put a stop to them sooner rather than later.

Call Integra Electrical at the First Sign of a Problem! We’re ready to help you today.

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Kitchen Lighting Installation In Altoona

Kitchen Lighting Installation In Altoona

  • Electrical

Do you need new kitchen lighting installed in Altoona? Do you find yourself wishing there was more lighting while cooking? At Integra Electrical, we can help make your kitchen meet and exceed you lighting needs. We recently did just this for one of your neighbors! They wanted to upgrade their kitchen lighting with fresh lighting. Check out our post below to see the latest  kitchen lighting installation in Altoona completed by the team here at Integra.

Before the Lighting Installation

The kitchen needed some over cabinet recessed lighting and pendant lights over the kitchen island.

During the Lighting Installation

The team at Integra was able to prep the new wiring and fixtures within the ceiling as well as the electrical panel.

After the Kitchen Lighting Installation In Altoona

All the new lights were fitted with LED lights & helped light up the kitchen like never before, and was safely wired into the current electrical panel by and experienced electrician.


Call Integra Today For Your Electrical Needs!

Our team of electricians are standing by and ready to perform any electrical upgrades your home may need. Call our office today and see why local homeowners trust their electrical systems to Integra!

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9 Electrical Safety Warning Signs in Your Home

9 Electrical Safety Warning Signs in Your Home

  • Electrical
electrical safety warning signs

Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety: Warning Signs to Watch Out For

If you haven’t had an electrician to your home lately, you may want to consider doing so as a prevention strategy. This way, you can find issues before they develop into serious problems. As homes age, wiring frays and connections loosen. New appliances can strain the system. It’s important to have electricians to your home for routine maintenance.

If you do not recognize the warning signs of an electrical safety hazard, resulting issues can be annoying, expensive, and dangerous. At the least, electricity that isn’t working causes inconveniences. Repairs are time consuming and costly. If your appliances aren’t working efficiently, your energy bills will be higher. Appliances or lights  damaged beyond repair require replacements. A wonky electrical system lowers property resale value. At the worst, ignoring signs of impending electrical safety hazards means your home is at a higher risk of an electrical fire, or shocking someone.

However, knowing the warning signs of electrical system failures, and using preventative maintenance, brings many benefits. You will pay less for your monthly bill, your property resale value will be higher, the lifespan of your lights and appliances will be longer! Your family will be safer. Read on to discover which warning signs to be aware of.

  1. When outlets have burn marks on the cover, the hot, or energized, wire has touched the neutral or ground wire. Corrosion over time or dirt and dust can make this problem occur.
  2. If your lights are flickering or dimming more than just once in a while, your system’s connections are loose somewhere, or you have voltage fluctuation – a serious problem. Other symptoms of voltage fluctuation are light bulbs glowing too bright or too dim, or burning out faster than they should.
  3. Smoke that smells off may signal a fire. The beginning stages of electrical fires,  as well as  brief burns caused by a short circuit, give off a tell-tale, acrid-scented smoke. A short might cause an electrical fire if it occurs within the walls, and catches surrounding materials on fire. If you have any sign of shorts occurring, remove the fuse or turn off your circuit breaker until an electrician can come by to check the circuit.
  4. Other symptoms of trouble behind your walls are any kind of noises, like buzzing or clicks, when you flip a light switch. This is caused by faulty wiring within or close to the switch or outlet, or a loose connection on the switch, causing a short.
  5. If you have mice in your house, then you might need to worry that they are chewing your wiring. Rodents gnawing on electrical wires will obviously cause problems with your system – not least, a potential electrical fire. Luckily, this problem isn’t as common as some of the other ones in this list. However, rodents have been known to chew wires to clear room to squeeze into holes passing through studs … and if you find one stud where they’ve done so, chances are they did it at more than one stud.
  6. Another sign that you’ve got a problem is a circuit breaker that keeps tripping. Circuit breakers are built to “trip,” or shut off their electric flow, when they become overheated – to prevent damage or an electrical fire. If it’s doing this continually, chances are you’ve got an overloaded circuit, ground fault, or a short circuit.
  7. Frequent power outages are an extremely frustrating sign of electrical issues. They can mean many various problems. Electrochemical treeing is one such issue, which happens when poorly manufactured insulation has allowed moisture penetration to occur, reducing dielectric strength. Or, power outages can be due to transformer failures, lightning, tree branches or fallen trees pushing lines together, birds nesting and causing faults on transmission towers, pecking at utility poles, or contaminating insulators with excrement, or contact from other animals – snakes, squirrels, insect colonies, large mammals, or rodents (view number six.)
  8. Outlets or switch plates that become hot – especially when they don’t even have anything plugged in – likely mean improper wiring. You may need to flip the breaker, or or remove the outlet’s fuse, until you can schedule professional help.
  9. Serious sparks from an outlet means you’ve got a short circuit, which can cause a fire. Sparking breaker panels or fuse boxes are just as serious. If an appliance is sparking, however, that’s more likely a sign that the appliance itself is damaged – get the appliance repaired. If the appliance is new, its warranty may take care of repair costs.

If you notice any of these signs, time to call Integra Electrical! Wait too long, and the problem will only get more expensive to fix … and the possibility of danger increases.

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Detached Garage Power Installation in Des Moines

Detached Garage Power Installation in Des Moines

  • Electrical
Detached Garage Power Installation in Des Moines

Do you have a detached garage in Des Moines? Is it often hard to navigate at night due to the lack of lighting? At Integra Electrical, we can help make your garage a functional space by adding a power line from your existing electrical panel. We recently did just this for one of your neighbors! They had an existing garage that did not have the electrical hookups needed to run lighting and use outlets in that space. Check out our post below to see the latest detached garage power installation in Des Moines completed by the team here at Integra.

Before the Power Installation

The garage needed a dedicated underground circuit running to the garage as well as new outdoor 2gang weatherproof receptacles. Below you can see a drawing of where the work would be done.

During the Power Installation

The team at Integra was able to dig out the area to safely install the underground circuit to run power to the detached garage.

After the Detached Garage Power Installation in Des Moines

The garage circuit was then given a dual function breaker and GFCI protection was implemented from breaker in panel. GFCI protection is important because it grounds the wires and prevents surges which can damage your system or create electrical fires.

Call Integra Today For Your Electrical Needs!

Our team of electricians are standing by and ready to perform any electrical upgrades your home may need. Call our office today and see why local homeowners trust their electrical systems to Integra!

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4 Benefits of Installing Outdoor Lighting

4 Benefits of Installing Outdoor Lighting

  • Electrical
Outdoor Lighting by Integra Electrical in Iowa

Outdoor lighting is more than just a way to make your home look nice at night. It can increase the safety of your home and boost your curb appeal. Let Integra Electrical give you four reasons why you should install or upgrade the lights outside your home this year. In addition, you should let Integra Electrical install or upgrade your outdoor lights so you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful summer nights ahead in Indianola and Des Moines.


Here are four benefits outdoor lighting can provide for you and your home.



One way to use outdoor lighting is to enhance your home’s appearance. When the lights turn on at night, they can help highlight the architectural features of your home and give it a good bit of appeal. If you own a commercial property, you can use multicolored outdoor lights to give a unique style and attract customer attention.



If your home has a patio, deck, or other outside space, having adequate outdoor lighting is essential. The evening and night are great times to relax outdoors and enjoy having company over. By installing lights outside, a family gathering or party won’t have to end just because the sun goes down. Perfect for those summer get-togethers!


Safety and security.

Did you know homes without outdoor lighting are popular burglary targets? This is because the darkness makes it easier to avoid being seen. Outdoor lights help deter potential burglars by brightening up the outside of your home, making it harder for burglars to hide. It will also make it easier for you to move around your yard at night and avoid accidental slips or falls. With outdoor lights, that means no more groping around in the darkness while outside your home.


Increased curb appeal.

No matter what kind of home you own, outdoor lighting can help accentuate the positives. Outdoor lighting of any kind can also help boost your home’s value when it comes time to sell. Potential buyers will appreciate the extra safety precautions and the ability to use outdoor space longer. If you put your trust in Integra’s electricians, we can use lighting to show off your home’s best features.


Why choose Integra to install my outdoor lighting?


Electrical systems may be complicated, but that doesn’t mean electrical service has to be. Our company puts people first by offering high-quality service at affordable prices. We provide the simple yet effective solutions that Central Iowa homeowners deserve. Our phones are available 24/7, so call us today to get a quote on your outdoor lighting!

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