Kitchen Lighting Installation In Altoona

Kitchen Lighting Installation In Altoona

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Do you need new kitchen lighting installed in Altoona? Do you find yourself wishing there was more lighting while cooking? At Integra Electrical, we can help make your kitchen meet and exceed you lighting needs. We recently did just this for one of your neighbors! They wanted to upgrade their kitchen lighting with fresh lighting. Check out our post below to see the latest  kitchen lighting installation in Altoona completed by the team here at Integra.

Before the Lighting Installation

The kitchen needed some over cabinet recessed lighting and pendant lights over the kitchen island.

During the Lighting Installation

The team at Integra was able to prep the new wiring and fixtures within the ceiling as well as the electrical panel.

After the Kitchen Lighting Installation In Altoona

All the new lights were fitted with LED lights & helped light up the kitchen like never before, and was safely wired into the current electrical panel by and experienced electrician.


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9 Electrical Safety Warning Signs in Your Home

9 Electrical Safety Warning Signs in Your Home

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electrical safety warning signs

Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety: Warning Signs to Watch Out For

If you haven’t had an electrician to your home lately, you may want to consider doing so as a prevention strategy. This way, you can find issues before they develop into serious problems. As homes age, wiring frays and connections loosen. New appliances can strain the system. It’s important to have electricians to your home for routine maintenance.

If you do not recognize the warning signs of an electrical safety hazard, resulting issues can be annoying, expensive, and dangerous. At the least, electricity that isn’t working causes inconveniences. Repairs are time consuming and costly. If your appliances aren’t working efficiently, your energy bills will be higher. Appliances or lights  damaged beyond repair require replacements. A wonky electrical system lowers property resale value. At the worst, ignoring signs of impending electrical safety hazards means your home is at a higher risk of an electrical fire, or shocking someone.

However, knowing the warning signs of electrical system failures, and using preventative maintenance, brings many benefits. You will pay less for your monthly bill, your property resale value will be higher, the lifespan of your lights and appliances will be longer! Your family will be safer. Read on to discover which warning signs to be aware of.

  1. When outlets have burn marks on the cover, the hot, or energized, wire has touched the neutral or ground wire. Corrosion over time or dirt and dust can make this problem occur.
  2. If your lights are flickering or dimming more than just once in a while, your system’s connections are loose somewhere, or you have voltage fluctuation – a serious problem. Other symptoms of voltage fluctuation are light bulbs glowing too bright or too dim, or burning out faster than they should.
  3. Smoke that smells off may signal a fire. The beginning stages of electrical fires,  as well as  brief burns caused by a short circuit, give off a tell-tale, acrid-scented smoke. A short might cause an electrical fire if it occurs within the walls, and catches surrounding materials on fire. If you have any sign of shorts occurring, remove the fuse or turn off your circuit breaker until an electrician can come by to check the circuit.
  4. Other symptoms of trouble behind your walls are any kind of noises, like buzzing or clicks, when you flip a light switch. This is caused by faulty wiring within or close to the switch or outlet, or a loose connection on the switch, causing a short.
  5. If you have mice in your house, then you might need to worry that they are chewing your wiring. Rodents gnawing on electrical wires will obviously cause problems with your system – not least, a potential electrical fire. Luckily, this problem isn’t as common as some of the other ones in this list. However, rodents have been known to chew wires to clear room to squeeze into holes passing through studs … and if you find one stud where they’ve done so, chances are they did it at more than one stud.
  6. Another sign that you’ve got a problem is a circuit breaker that keeps tripping. Circuit breakers are built to “trip,” or shut off their electric flow, when they become overheated – to prevent damage or an electrical fire. If it’s doing this continually, chances are you’ve got an overloaded circuit, ground fault, or a short circuit.
  7. Frequent power outages are an extremely frustrating sign of electrical issues. They can mean many various problems. Electrochemical treeing is one such issue, which happens when poorly manufactured insulation has allowed moisture penetration to occur, reducing dielectric strength. Or, power outages can be due to transformer failures, lightning, tree branches or fallen trees pushing lines together, birds nesting and causing faults on transmission towers, pecking at utility poles, or contaminating insulators with excrement, or contact from other animals – snakes, squirrels, insect colonies, large mammals, or rodents (view number six.)
  8. Outlets or switch plates that become hot – especially when they don’t even have anything plugged in – likely mean improper wiring. You may need to flip the breaker, or or remove the outlet’s fuse, until you can schedule professional help.
  9. Serious sparks from an outlet means you’ve got a short circuit, which can cause a fire. Sparking breaker panels or fuse boxes are just as serious. If an appliance is sparking, however, that’s more likely a sign that the appliance itself is damaged – get the appliance repaired. If the appliance is new, its warranty may take care of repair costs.

If you notice any of these signs, time to call Integra Electrical! Wait too long, and the problem will only get more expensive to fix … and the possibility of danger increases.

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Detached Garage Power Installation in Des Moines

Detached Garage Power Installation in Des Moines

  • Electrical
Detached Garage Power Installation in Des Moines

Do you have a detached garage in Des Moines? Is it often hard to navigate at night due to the lack of lighting? At Integra Electrical, we can help make your garage a functional space by adding a power line from your existing electrical panel. We recently did just this for one of your neighbors! They had an existing garage that did not have the electrical hookups needed to run lighting and use outlets in that space. Check out our post below to see the latest detached garage power installation in Des Moines completed by the team here at Integra.

Before the Power Installation

The garage needed a dedicated underground circuit running to the garage as well as new outdoor 2gang weatherproof receptacles. Below you can see a drawing of where the work would be done.

During the Power Installation

The team at Integra was able to dig out the area to safely install the underground circuit to run power to the detached garage.

After the Detached Garage Power Installation in Des Moines

The garage circuit was then given a dual function breaker and GFCI protection was implemented from breaker in panel. GFCI protection is important because it grounds the wires and prevents surges which can damage your system or create electrical fires.

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4 Benefits of Installing Outdoor Lighting

4 Benefits of Installing Outdoor Lighting

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Outdoor Lighting by Integra Electrical in Iowa

Outdoor lighting is more than just a way to make your home look nice at night. It can increase the safety of your home and boost your curb appeal. Let Integra Electrical give you four reasons why you should install or upgrade the lights outside your home this year. In addition, you should let Integra Electrical install or upgrade your outdoor lights so you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful summer nights ahead in Indianola and Des Moines.


Here are four benefits outdoor lighting can provide for you and your home.



One way to use outdoor lighting is to enhance your home’s appearance. When the lights turn on at night, they can help highlight the architectural features of your home and give it a good bit of appeal. If you own a commercial property, you can use multicolored outdoor lights to give a unique style and attract customer attention.



If your home has a patio, deck, or other outside space, having adequate outdoor lighting is essential. The evening and night are great times to relax outdoors and enjoy having company over. By installing lights outside, a family gathering or party won’t have to end just because the sun goes down. Perfect for those summer get-togethers!


Safety and security.

Did you know homes without outdoor lighting are popular burglary targets? This is because the darkness makes it easier to avoid being seen. Outdoor lights help deter potential burglars by brightening up the outside of your home, making it harder for burglars to hide. It will also make it easier for you to move around your yard at night and avoid accidental slips or falls. With outdoor lights, that means no more groping around in the darkness while outside your home.


Increased curb appeal.

No matter what kind of home you own, outdoor lighting can help accentuate the positives. Outdoor lighting of any kind can also help boost your home’s value when it comes time to sell. Potential buyers will appreciate the extra safety precautions and the ability to use outdoor space longer. If you put your trust in Integra’s electricians, we can use lighting to show off your home’s best features.


Why choose Integra to install my outdoor lighting?


Electrical systems may be complicated, but that doesn’t mean electrical service has to be. Our company puts people first by offering high-quality service at affordable prices. We provide the simple yet effective solutions that Central Iowa homeowners deserve. Our phones are available 24/7, so call us today to get a quote on your outdoor lighting!

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Outdoor Lighting In Indianola

Outdoor Lighting In Indianola

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As summer approaches, we’re all going to be spending more time in our yards soaking up the sun and enjoying our outdoor spaces. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could enjoy your backyard well past sundown? We recently installed some beautiful outdoor lighting in Indianola for one of your neighbors so they can do just that! By installing landscape lighting, you can not only use your outdoor space more often, you can also improve the aesthetics of your home.

Outdoor Lighting In Indianola

Adding outdoor lighting, or ladnscape lighting, to a home automatically improves the curb appeal. As you can see at this home, we installed lights all around the property. From the front walkway to the back patio, this home now has beautiful landscape lighting that helps their home shine!

Outdoor lighting installation in indianola done by Integra Electrical

How Can Integra Help Improve Your Space?

We work closely with our customers so they can achieve the landscape design they’ve been dreaming of. Our dedicated team will ensure each light is installed correctly and creates the outdoor space a homeowner envisions. We have access to many types of lights and lanterns so you can customize your outdoor lighting to fit your style.

And outdoor lighting does more than just add beauty and style to your outdoor spaces. Lights like this allow you to see more clearly at night and reduce the possibility of tripping in the dark. Plus, unwanted visitors will be less likely to approach a home that is well-lit at night for fear of being seen. Not only are these lights beautiful, they also add a layer of security to any home.

Beautiful outdoor lighting in Indianola

Call Integra Today For Your Next Electrical Project

We’ve been serving Indianola and Central Iowa homeowners as their trusted electrical contractor for years. Our family-owned business treats each job and customer as if it were completed in our own homes. And we don’t hire just anyone to be part of our team- they’re local, highly trained professionals who live right here in the community. We stand behind our values of quality, safe services at an affordable price. Call our office today to begin your landscape lighting project today!

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100 AMP Electrical Service Upgrade in Indianola

100 AMP Electrical Service Upgrade in Indianola

  • Electrical
After a Electrical Service upgrade in Indianola

If you have a home built more than 20-30 years ago, there’s a good chance your electrical panel wasn’t built for the amount of use it’s getting today. Recently, our team installed a 100 AMP electrical service upgrade in Indianola for one of your neighbors. Their home was built in the 1960’s which left some safety concerns for the family. Their panel and wiring were old and had no grounding protection, leaving them open to electrical problems. This homeowner wanted the confidence that their grandchildren would be safe and that the electrical capacity of the home would be sufficient for years to come.

Before the 100 AMP Electrical Service Upgrade

before a 100 amp electrical service upgrade in Indianola

This electrical panel needed some upgrading in order to service the home properly. The wiring was from the 1960’s and posed a safety hazard to the home. Our team came in and was able to upgrade this panel so it would be 100% compliant and ready to handle the needs of a 21st century family.

before a 100 amp electrical service upgrade in Indianola

During the Electrical Service Upgrade

At Integra Electrical, we put safety first for all of our customers. We follow a thorough checklist when we upgrade an electrical service panel that ensures the safety of the homeowners and provides them with reliable electrical service they can depend on. We found that their grounding wires were not sufficient which we are able to correct. In addition to that, we upgraded the service panel so that it would be able to handle the extra voltage needed to safely power this modern home.

during a 100 amp electrical service upgrade in Indianola

Premium 100 amp EnergyMax Electric Service Upgrade Checklist

  • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
  • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty on Breakers
  • Total No Lemon Guarantee
  • Delivery Date Guarantee
  • Code and Safety Guarantee
  • Advanced Craftsman Installation
  • Stringent Code Compliance
  • All required permits
  • All required inspections
  • Panel labeling
  • New Electrical Panel
  • New Main Disconnect
  • New weather head and mast if applicable
  • New Main Power Cable
  • Complete grounding system
  • All connected circuits installed
  • All properly sized breakers for existing circuits
  • 2 year Safety & Savings Plan
  • Whole House Surge Suppression
  • All Arc Fault Circuit Interrupting Breakers on 120 Volt Circuit

during a 100 amp electrical service upgrade in Indianola

After The Electrical Panel Upgrade In Indianola

Once our team finished the job, this panel was the picture of modern electrical safety. The panel was clearly labeled for the homeowners and would be easy to service in the future. We’re proud to be a that is able to provide safety for Indianola and Des Moines homeowners.

after a 100 amp electrical service upgrade in Indianola

Call Integra Electrical Today!


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5 Spring Electrical Lighting Upgrades

5 Spring Electrical Lighting Upgrades

  • Electrical
Electrical lighting upgrades can add value to your home from Integra Electrical

While it feels like winter may never end, we’re much closer to warmer spring days than you think. When warmer weather hits Des Moines, local homeowners begin using their outdoor spaces again and getting out of the house. Spring is an ideal time to consider adding some electrical lighting upgrades to your home. You can enjoy them all spring and summer long, and a few of these upgrades will come in handy for winter, too!

Consider the following home improvement ideas to make your home shine during the spring season. 

Add Additional Lighting to Your Patio Area

Th days may be getting longer and warmer, meaning you won’t always want to go inside when the sun goes down. The warmer weather means staying outside enjoying your backyard or patio space with family and friends. By installing additional lighting upgrades on your patio, you can stay out as late as you’d like. You can opt for subtle, softer lights to illuminate your walking path or go for more eye-popping, party lights. The styles, designs and functionality options are endless!

Consider Additional Outdoor Outlets

Outdoor outlets are some of the best and handiest electrical upgrades for homeowners who use their outside space. Imagine how convenient it would be if you had a weatherproof outlet in reach every time you wanted to plug in an appliance, radio, etc. And outdoor outlets aren’t just handy for spring. You’ll be happy to have these outlets when the holidays come around and you can avoid having clunky, tangled extension cords running all over your home. 

Install an Electronic Fire Pit

Install an electrical fire pit to add a new feature to your backyard. Electrical fire pits provide the warmth and ambiance of a traditional wood fire pit- without any of the hassle of chopping wood. Maximum relaxation with minimal headaches!

Install Outdoor Flood Lights

When you have motion sensing lights on your garage or mounted above your doorway, anyone who triggers them will be bathed in light. This is convenient for when you and your family get home late at night, but it also acts as a deterrent to strangers. Homes with security lighting are less likely to be the target of burglars.

Lighting Your Walkway

If you want to add some extra lighting to your walkways, consider adding hanging lanterns. These will be out of the way and provide a great look for any outdoor pathway. There are hundreds of designs and styles of outdoor lanterns to choose from so you can achieve the aesthetic you want. Plus, once you have lanterns professionally installed, they are fairly easy to maintain. And if you choose the right type of long lasting light bulbs, you won’t have to worry about constantly changing burnt bulbs.

If hanging lanterns aren’t your ideal lighting option, try lining your walkway with ground-level accent lights. Accent lights can either be embedded right into the ground or just above ground like tiny lamps. Both options offer many possibilities for design so you can choose the best option to fit your personal style. Many people like to opt for the in-ground lighting option because this option makes lawn maintenance easier.

Call Integra Electrical For Your Outdoor Electrical Needs

At Integra Electrical, we can help you achieve the outdoor space you want. Our certified and experienced electricians put your family’s safety first, so any work we do is completed to the highest safety standards. From outdoor outlets to lighting upgrades, we can make your patio or backyard a space you can enjoy all spring and summer long. If you’re considering an outdoor electrical project, call Integra today and see why more homeowners trust their systems to us!

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Why You Need A Service Panel Upgrade

Why You Need A Service Panel Upgrade

  • Electrical
Get a panel upgrade with Integra electrical

Don’t Blow a Fuse in Your Life: Why You Need a Service Panel Upgrade

If you’re like most homeowners, you haven’t put a lot of thought into your home’s electrical panel.  In many older homes, however, the electrical panel can wear out and need to be replaced just like a household appliance.  If your electrical panel is showing signs of needing to be replaced, then it’s time to get a new panel that can upgrade the efficiency of your home and bring it into the 21st century with Integra Electrical! 

Unlike a household appliance, most electrical service panels don’t simply break down and stop working. Instead, they experience a slow decline over several months before finally not working all together. During this time, a home can experience a number of issues relating to the electrical wiring. If your home has been experiencing any of the following, you need to call an electrician.

  •     Flickering lights
  •     Unusual sounds coming from fuse box/electrical panel
  •     Breakers constantly tripping
  •     Smoke coming from outlets, or outlets emitting a burning smell


It’s also important to note that if you have appliances that won’t work without turning off other appliances, or if you have new high-efficiency appliances that won’t work, there’s a good chance that your electrical panel needed to be replaced.  In many cases, problems such as smoking outlets and tripping breakers are more than just a nuisance. They are safety hazards that can cause an electrical fire or other disaster. If you’re experiencing these problems, calling an electrician must become your highest priority.

Peace of Mind

Even if your current electrical panel doesn’t pose an immediate danger, it’s probably a good idea to replace it before it does become a safety issue.  Fortunately, there are a lot of advantages to having a new electrical panel installed. Besides the peace of mind that a new panel provides, being able to tell potential buyers that they won’t have to worry about this repair for years can add a lot to the value of your home.

Steady Flow

A new electrical panel ensures that your home has a steady flow of electricity.  Not only can that eliminate problems with flickering lights and brown-outs, but it can also allow you to add appliances and other electronics without worrying about tripping breakers, blowing fuses, or damaging the appliances. A steady flow of electricity will ensure that your appliances, electronics, and light fixtures are less prone to power surges.  This can add years of life to these devices. A new electrical panel can also ensure that your devices run continuously without fear of causing a fire or other home disaster.

Saving More 

Of course, a new electrical panel is almost always required if you’re renovating or putting an addition onto your home. Replacing your panel now could mean saving money in the future if you decide to start a construction project. If you’re contemplating a construction project in the near future, ask your electrician about adding a sub panel for the additional rooms. These panels are almost always required when the electrical load of the home is increased. Remember that this can occur as a result of additional appliances, electronics, and/or increased load on appliances such as an air conditioner or hot water heater.

As you renovate your home, a new electrical panel can bring you more than just safety and steady electricity. Appliances that require a 240V circuit will almost always require an electrical panel upgrade.  While these types of appliances used to be rare, today many clothes dryers, water heaters, and even cars require this type of circuit.

More Outlets

A new electrical panel can also allow you to increase the number of outlets available in your home.  Bathrooms and kitchens can have GFCI outlets installed, making them much safer and in many states, compliant with local building codes. Grounded outlets can be installed for safer electrical performance. These are particularly important if you use appliances, electronics, or power tools outside.

Reduce Your Insurance Bill

Finally, a new electrical panel can help to reduce your homeowner’s insurance bill. An electrical panel that is compliant with local building codes and safety standards often means that homeowners can qualify for a discount or reduce their overall risk, thereby lowering their annual bill. In rare cases, homeowners might also be able to qualify for rebates or discounts from their local electric company for upgrading their existing electrical panel.

Call Integra Electrical Today!

If you’re having problems with the lighting, outlets, or appliances in your home, it is important to call an electrician and assess the need for a new electrical panel.  This upgrade is one of the best things you can do to increase your peace of mind, property value, and your ability to enjoy your home. Call Integra Electrical today to get the best electrical service in Indianola and Des Moines! 

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4 Common Winter Electrical Problems

4 Common Winter Electrical Problems

  • Electrical
Common electrical problems shouldn't slow you down. Call Integra Electrical for service today!

Although homeowners in Indianola use their electricity all year round, the winter months put extra stress on your system you may not think of. It’s crucial for you to be on the lookout for these potentially dangerous issues as winter rolls through Central Iowa. The professionals at Integra Electrical have put together a list of common electrical problems that plague homeowners in the winter.

Tripped Breakers

During the winter we spend more time inside trying to say warm and less time enjoying the outdoors. The cold temperatures running your heating system constantly, plugging in portable heaters, and having seasonal decorations to add some cheer during cold nights. All of this extra demand puts a strain on your electrical system leading to tripped breakers and flickering lights. It can be frustrating to go down into your basement and flipping breakers each time a spare heater is turned on. 

You can prevent these issues from happening by upgrading your electrical panel to accommodate this strain. A new electrical service panel installed by Integra Electrical will be able to accommodate the increased demand and keep your lights burning bright. 

Damaged or Frayed Wires

A damaged wire is dangerous at any time of year but can be particularly harmful in the winter. Damaged wires expose you and your family to electrocution and increased chances of electrical fires. When the snow starts to fall we want to plug our heaters in right away and flick on the fireplace. If your electrical wires aren’t up to snuff, then you can be in danger. Integra Electrical is able to upgrade your service panel or rewire your home so that it can handle any of your common electrical problems, big or small.  

Old Heating Equipment

Old heating appliances can wreak havoc on your electrical system. They often aren’t compatible with modern homes and can frequently short out. These older pieces of equipment must be checked frequently to ensure their wires are in good condition. If wires are failing or components inside malfunction, these older heaters can start an electrical fire or shock family members. We recommend checking your portable heating equipment and ensuring it’s safety before using inside your home.

Static Electricity

Static electricity is an annoying condition that is very common in Iowa winters. The dry air inside your home allows for the build-up of static electricity. If you’re near an outlet, this can cause a serious shock for you or a family member. In order to prevent this, Integra Electrical recommends getting a humidifier in order to reduce the dry air in your home. Humidifiers will also reduce that stuffy feeling inside your home and reduce common winter respiratory problems. 


Why Choose Integra Electrical?

When you choose Integra, you get a family owned business that cares. We understand the responsibility of taking care of the ones we love, and we put that same level of dedication into our work. All of our electricians are fully trained and certified, so you can trust their workmanship and knowledge on any issue. At Integra, we bridge the gap between fair prices and a valued service that is done right. We give you the best service with honesty and integrity.

If you’re experiencing any of these common electrical issues, call Integra Electrical today! 

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Electrical Resolutions for the New Year

Electrical Resolutions for the New Year

  • Electrical
Electrical resolutions by Integra Electrical

It’s 2020 – What Are Your Electrical Resolutions?

As we settle into the new year, you may have some resolutions that you’re determined to stick to. If you haven’t made any, that’s OK! Integra Electrical has just the solution for you. Here are some electrical resolutions to consider this year:

Extension Cord Placement

We have all been guilty of this faux pas. We have an extension cord that helps take an item from one room to another. It is far safer to make sure you keep extension cords away from door ways, under carpets, near heaters, or near any other item that may damage the cord. It is essential that you take the time to carefully place your extension cords out of the way in a safe place where they will continue to be safe for the duration of use.

Sockets Near Water 

We all need outlets in bathrooms and kitchens and other areas that are near water but water and electricity certainly do not mix. Installing GFCI sockets, or ground fault circuit interrupter sockets can help ground out the socket should water become introduced. Installing this type of outlet in bathrooms, on kitchen counters, or in any other area where water might get into sockets can help keep your home and your family safe.

Noticing the Signs of Faulty Wiring 

There are some signs that you can take into account when it comes to your home. If your switches feel warm or you have issues like blowing fuses, tripping circuits, flickering and dimming lights or other issues, it is best to contact a professional electrician that can pinpoint the cause of the issue then fix it so that you have nothing to worry about.


The wattage that is written on the inside of lamp sockets is there for a reason. Though it may seem time consuming, taking the time to check all your lamps and make sure that the bulbs inside them match the recommended wattage can make a huge difference. Not only do higher watt bulbs take up more energy and help run up your electricity bill, these higher wattage bulbs are likely to blow more often and can pose a threat to you and your family.

Damaged Cords 

Though it may seem like a trivial thing, that frayed spot on your electrical cord may be just enough to cause a fire. You should take the time to check your cords and make sure that if they are damaged in any way they are either professionally repaired or that they are replaced entirely if the damage is too severe.

If you’re experiencing electrical issues or you need electrical repairs, call the experts at Integra Electrical! 

By Dan Burrows