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GFCI/GFI Outlets

GFCI/GFI Outlets

Protect Everyone in Your Home from Electric Shock

Most people come in contact with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) every day, yet many do not know what they actually are.

Though they appear small, a GFCI outlet can mean the difference between continuing with your daily routine and electrocuting yourself.

What Do They Do?

Though the name implies their purpose, our Integra team wants to go a step further and help Central Iowa homeowners fully understand how these devices work.

GFCI outlets protect you from what’s known as a ground fault. When a ground fault takes place, you essentially become part of an electric current. If an appliance is improperly wired, or if the wiring has deteriorated and is now exposed, it becomes what’s known as a live wire.

Now, the electricity that was supposed to be travelling through a protected circuit is flowing through other components of your appliance. Unaware of the issue, you touch this appliance, and then experience an electric shock.

But, why did this happen?

When the normal pathway of electricity becomes redirected due to a faulty wire or other complication, your electricity will search for the path of least resistance. It wants to maintain its power, even if that means taking a different route. When circuits become disrupted, the electric current will redirect towards the ground because it provides a pathway for continuing the circuit through an electrical conductor. Common conductors below the ground include metal fixtures for your plumbing system or underground metal wiring. As you come in contact with the live wire, the electric current will pass through your body in an attempt to travel into the ground, resulting in electric shock. It can all happen in less than a second—and it can even end fatally.

A GFCI/GFI works by constantly monitoring the electrical current within your circuits. If even a fraction of discrepancy exists between the electric going in and the electric returning back, this tells the GFCI that electric is leaving the circuit and travelling elsewhere, resulting in an immediate trip. In less than a second, the GFCI shuts down the electric current, saving you from potential electrocution.

Protection That Should Be Installed by a Professional

Even for homeowners that have effective circuit breakers and fuse boxes, GFCI/GFI outlets have been proven to shut off electric currents faster than either of these components. Therefore, we highly recommend utilizing GFCIs in outlets to provide stronger protection.

Unless you have extensive knowledge of electrical wiring practices, we urge homeowners to have these outlets installed by a professional. When you trust Integra for this electrical upgrade, you can be sure that our expert electricians will make the proper installation and equip your home with fully functional GFCIs that will effectively cut off your electricity in the event of danger.

Keeping Central Iowa Safe by Installing GFCI/GFI Outlets

GFCI/GFI outlets have saved countless lives. Under the National Electrical Code (NEC), homes are required to have these devices installed in high-risk locations, such as bathroom outlets and outdoor outlets.

If you are upgrading your home’s electrical code, you will discover that installing GFCI outlets are an absolutely essential adjustment. Even more, a thorough electrical inspection will conclude that these devices must be installed in the proper locations.

Here at Integra, our fully licensed electricians can upgrade your home with these lifesaving enhancements.

Take the Safest Approach with Integra

When it comes to your electricity, complications that can become fatal are often not seen on the surface. By taking proper measures with our trusted, experienced team, you can protect everyone in your home from the dangers of electric shock.

To have GFCI/GFI outlets installed in your home, fill out our online form or call Integra Electrical at 515-320-8810 today.

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Honesty. Integrity. Exceptional Service.
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