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We’ve talked with a lot of electricians over the years who want more out of life than what their current job is giving them.  The top three things we continue to hear are….

I want…

  • To know my job makes matters and makes a difference in the lives of others
  • To be known as a person with unique abilities and strengths, not just a number
  • To know how I’m performing. I want to help the team win!  Tell me when I’m doing great and how I can get better.

The #1 Thing that Keeps Electricians From Getting What They Want

F..E..A..R   FEAR

"Everything you want is on the other side of fear."

Fear causes us to settle for what is comfortable.  Your current job is comfortable.  You may hate going to work every morning and you may have capped out your earning potential,  but you know what to expect every day. For the majority of electricians, “comfortable” is where they’ll stay for the next 30 years.


The problem with comfort is that it will never take you past where you are right now.

Because you’re here, reading this page right now, I’m guessing you’re different.

You’ve got some dreams and ambitions for your future.  Maybe you want to own your own home, take your kids to Disney World or just get out of debt.


Your dreams will remain a distant mirage unless you change something today.  You have to do something different now in order to get where you want to go tomorrow.

My #1 Question for you is…

Is where you’re working right now going to get you where you want to go in life?

If the answer is no, you really need to come talk to me.  I want to show you how to achieve the big goals you have in life while mastering your customer service and electrical skills.

It takes guts to make a big change, but you’ll never know what you can achieve unless you check out all your options.


“Everything you want really could be on the other side of fear.”

I’m Ben Carpenter.  You can reach me at 515-720-6932 or fill out the form below and I’ll reach out to you.

Ben Carpenter, owner of Integra Electrical looking to meet electricians

Honesty. Integrity. Exceptional Service.
People First.

Since opening our doors in 2006 we have built our business on providing our customers with the highest quality products and service at a fair price. You can count on us to be timely, tidy and that you will be 100% satisfied when the job is done. Get in touch today!

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