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Old Home Rewiring

Old Home Rewiring Services

Our master electricians have been providing old home rewiring services in Indianola community for over 10 years.  Our superhero team of master electricians is committed to top-quality residential rewiring service. We cover the breadth of home rewiring projects, from adding switches and outlets to surge protection and power-enhancing.

If you have a home built before 1995, there’s a good chance the wiring and electrical panel inside are no longer up to date with your family’s electrical needs. At Integra Electrical, we are old home rewiring specialists that can upgrade your home to a modern standard that is safe for your family. We’ve upgraded hundreds of homes in Central Iowa and are standing by now to help you!, Besides the age of your home, how do you know it’s time to consider a rewiring service or a panel upgrade? There are common signs that your electrical system is aging and needs to be addressed by a professional.

Signs You Need An Old Home Rewiring Service

  • Frequently Blown Fuses or Tripped Breakers
  • Unexplained Dimming Lights
  • Switch Plates Feel Hot to The Touch
  • Burning Smell Near Outlets & Switches
  • Arcs (Sparking) Near Outlets When Plugging In/Unplugging Cords
  • Buzzing Sounds While Using Electricity
  • Electrical Shocks When Plugging In Cords
  • Loose or Cracked Outlets

We can rewire your home and ensure your family has access to consistent, safe electrical power. Call our office today to book an appointment with our team!

Benefits of Old Home Rewiring Service

What house couldn’t use more conveniently placed switches and outlets?  If you’re one of those homeowners with extension cords and excessive portable outlets, you’re living in a potential fire hazard.

Yes, we update and install switches and outlets, but when it comes to home rewiring, we also:

  • Improve Circuits for Increased Home Power
  • Install Whole House Surge Protection
  • Add Arc Fault Protection (GFCI)

We work to make sure these home improvements do minimal damage to your home.  Our full-service team completes home improvement projects right down to wall spackling and plaster. The number one benefit of home rewiring is safety.  We believe in and work towards safety first.  But rewiring should also be considered a smart home investment.  Should you sell your home, rewiring protection will increase its value.

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Don’t hesitate when it comes to home safety.  Call Integra Electric today to find out more about our old home rewiring services in Indianola and how we can best serve the needs of your unique residential space.  We’re standing by to resolve any of your old home electrical issues. From rewiring old systems to upgrading panels our team is able to bring your electrical needs into the modern age.

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Honesty. Integrity. Exceptional Service.
People First.

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