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Surge Protection

Surge Protection

Beat the Speed of Light with Integra

Humans naturally love power. From the very beginning of our existence, both men and women have put everything on the line in a quest for ultimate control and power.  But in reality, power isn’t always such a great thing. This applies not only to human nature, but also to your home’s electric. A power surge in your home’s electric system can be stopped by installing surge protection with Integra.

What Are Power Surges, Exactly?

Because electricity typically flows in a steady current, we are able to use our favorite appliances each day without much apprehension. If electric always flowed unpredictably, it would be impossible to monitor and control. There are, however, certain moments when your home’s electric will suddenly spike through what’s commonly known as a surge.

“Surge” may sound like a small word, but the implications behind this event can be massive. If a surge takes place and your electric is not properly protected, it can result in a sudden and dangerous electrical fire. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not know when to properly secure their electrical connections with surge protectors.

That’s why, at Integra Electrical, we’ve made it our mission to emphasize the importance of protecting against inevitable power surges with exceptional surge protection services for our customers.

Why Do Power Surges Happen?

Though they appear sporadic and unpredictable, there are explanations behind power surges.

The most common causes include:

  • Lightning. If lightning strikes near a power line, it can almost instantly send an intense surge through your electrical system. Suddenly, millions of volts are traveling through your wires and appliances. Unfortunately, there is no surge protector on the market that can protect against the power of lightning. That’s why, during storms, it’s important to unplug appliances and avoid using them until the lightning subsides.
  • High-powered electrical appliances. Certain appliances in your home, such as refrigerators and furnaces, have very high power demands. In addition, they contain components that are constantly turning on and off, such as a furnace motor turning on and off in response to your home’s temperature. When these sudden changes in electrical current take place, it upsets the steady flow of electricity and can lead to a power surge. Though these surges do not match the power of lightning surges, they can still be significant enough to damage your appliances, and even cause electrical fires.

The Integra Expertise for Foolproof Surge Protection

There are many different levels and types of surge protection. Finding the right fit for your home depends on your specific electrical demands. At Integra Electrical, our experts know which surge protectors work best for specific appliances and electrical factors.

Taking the time to fully evaluate your system, we recommend safe and practical surge protectors that will work best in terms of voltage protection, response time and more.

Control the Power with Integra

Many homeowners are frightened of electricity because it can do a lot of damage very quickly. But if you take proactive measures to control the electrical current that’s running throughout your home, effective surge protectors can provide the kind of security that you need to feel safe using your everyday appliances.

To schedule surge protector service with Integra Electrical, complete our online form or call our team today.

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Honesty. Integrity. Exceptional Service.
People First.

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