Hot Tub Conduit Installation: Call an Expert!

Hot Tub Conduit Installation: Call an Expert!

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hot tub conduit installation in Iowa by Integra

Do you consider yourself a DIY expert? Have you managed to fix up your home’s wiring without relying on professional help? That’s nice, but there’s one job you shouldn’t try on your own: hot tub conduit installation. Getting your hot tub wired is much more dangerous than basic electrical work, and there are several reasons you should call a professional instead.

Here are some reasons you should leave hot tub conduit installation to the experts:


Electricity and water don’t mix.

No matter your DIY skills, electrical work can be dangerous. However, with a hot tub, the danger is much greater. Hot tubs are one of the few commercial electronics that mixes electricity and water. Water is highly conductive and makes electrical shocks deadlier and more likely. Our professionals have the special training required that makes them capable at handling the installation of heavy-duty electronics like hot tubs.


Electrical code considerations

Because hot tubs are so dangerous to install, the National Electrical Code (NEC) has parts pertaining specifically to hot tubs. Electrical codes like the NEC are made to the people who use hot tubs and those who install them stay safe. As well as having the proper training for installing hot tubs, professionals know the ins and outs of the NEC, so they can install your hot tub correctly.


Local laws

The NEC isn’t the only law to consider when doing a hot tub conduit installation. There are a variety of local codes that pertain to installing hot tubs. Local building and zoning boards want to ensure that hot tub installations are safe, proper, and up to code. Nothing hurts a property’s value like having a major electrical hazard on the property. In addition, some areas also require the installation to be certified by an inspector. Their job is to ensure the installer has their license and isn’t cutting corners in the installation. It may seem like a hassle to some, but the inspection and certification help ensure your hot tub is safe.


Why trust Integra’s technicians to work with my hot tub?

Electrical systems are complicated, especially for your hot tub. However, when you call Integra, it doesn’t have to be. Our experts are fully trained to handle installing your hot tub’s conduit line and other wiring. We offer high-quality yet affordable service and are available via phone no matter the time or day. Call Integra today to learn more about how we can help you install a hot tub!


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Electrical Conduit Installation in Des Moines

Electrical Conduit Installation in Des Moines

  • Electrical

If your family is purchasing a new hot tub in the Des Moines area, then you need a professional electrician to install the wiring. Without a licensed electrician, there’s a risk of faulty wiring or electrical injury to your family. If you need a hot tub electrical conduit installation in Des Moines, then call the experts at Integra Electrical! Our team has over 25 years of experience in the business, which means we’ve seen and done it all. Our technicians always go above and beyond to ensure the satisfaction of our customers at every opportunity. When we got the call to install a PVC conduit line for a new hot tub in Des Moines, our team was ready to jump into action.

During the Hot Tub Electrical Conduit Installation in Des Moines

If you need a hot tub wired in the Des Moines area, then calling Integra Electrical should be your first step. Our years of experience mean we do every job right the first time you call. When we went to perform a  PVC electrical conduit installation in Des Moines, it was a job we were more than prepared to handle. Our technicians arrived in clean, clearly marked uniforms with all of the tools necessary to perform the job. It’s dangerous to have electrical wires near water, so digging a conduit trench and insulating the wires is a safety standard. Our technicians follow the National Electrical Code, which ensured the safety and comfort of your family for years to come.

Seen above, our technicians hand dug this electrical conduit trench in order to protect the lawn from unnecessary damage. Using shovels and hand-digging the conduit line may be more work, but it’s also better for the landscape of our customers. It’s our commitment to quality and service that sets Integra Electrical apart from the competition.

After the Hot Tub PVC Conduit Installation in Des Moines

After we finished installing the conduit line, you wouldn’t have known we had been there. Other companies would require the owner to back-fill the trench, which would require adding new grass seed and manual labor. Here at Integra Electrical, we set a new standard for customer service. Our technicians filled the trench back for the homeowner, making it look as if no work had been done at all. With the conduit installation complete, the homeowners can safely hook up their new hot tub without any complications. We hope they enjoy many summers in their backyard relaxing!

If you need an electrical conduit installed, or any other residential electrical needs, then call the experts at Integra Electrical!