Air Conditioner Blowing Fuses? It May Be Time To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel.

Air Conditioner Blowing Fuses? It May Be Time To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel.

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Air Conditioner Blowing Fuses? It May Be Time To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel.

How Do You Know It’s Time to Replace Your Electrical Service Panel?

Are you noticing blown fuses, flickering lights or loss of power in your home when your air conditioner is running? It may be time to upgrade your electrical panel. Service panels can last almost indefinitely if you take the proper precautions and replace circuit breakers regularly. But simply lasting does not mean that it is properly servicing the needs of your household. Most houses were built in a time when modern air conditioning systems were in their infancy and houses required a fraction of the power they do now. As time moves on, service panels need to be improved and replaced to keep up with your standards of living. But how do you know it’s time to make the upgrade?

Your Electrical Panel is Old & Outdated

It would be unreasonable to expect a house built in the 50’s to come with the necessary electrical equipment to meet your modern needs, including that of a partial or whole-home air conditioning system. The increased use of electronics and advanced appliances call for much more power to circulate within your system, and your existing electrical panel may not have enough circuits to keep up with the demand. If you notice that your service panel is generating an excessive amount of heat, or making humming or buzzing noises when you are using your air conditioner, you’ll want to act quickly on replacing and/or upgrading the panel before damage occurs.

Your Existing Electrical Panel is Damaged

Your service panel is prone to several forms of wear and tear damage from constant regular use, including arcing, scorching, corrosion and more. Damaged electrical panels can lead to hazards including fires. Short circuiting of your air conditioner, or other appliances that are running at the same time as your air conditioner, are a tell-tale sign of damage within your electrical panel. Don’t take any chances that could result in property damage or injury if you notice blown fuses while running your A/C. Call Integra Electrical today to discuss your options for upgrading your panel.

You’re Building an Addition or Upgrading Your Air Conditioning

Regular maintenance and circuit replacements can go a long way to keeping your service panel running up to par, however, even a pristine breaker panel can become overwhelmed over time when faced with the demands of a modern home or business. Your panel may already be operating at its full capacity, even if you do not notice any indicators that breaker panel upgrade is necessary. If you are expanding your home, installing a new air conditioner or upgrading the one you already have, you may find that your system is not equipped to handle the additional demand. To prevent hazards and reduce the likelihood of costly future repairs, we recommend first having your system inspected by a licensed and insured electrician.

Contact Integra Electrical Today To Upgrade Your Circuit Breaker Panel

So you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade your service panel. What does that mean, exactly? After you’ve called the professionals at Call Integra Electrical, we will send a technician to your home to evaluate your situation and help you make some decisions based on your needs. Your Call Integra Electrical technician will:

  • Determine Your Home’s Electrical Needs
  • Help You Select The Best Service Panel Based on Those Needs
  • Install The Panel & Circuit breakers, Then Connect
  • Fully test the system

Call our office today today to request an estimate for an electrical breaker panel upgrade in your Iowa home or business. A reliable, up-to-date panel will give you the peace of mind to enjoy your air conditioning all summer without worrying about potential electrical hazards or the inconvenience of flickering lights and blown fuses. Our professionally trained, master-level technicians have the expertise and the experience to provide you the very best service, no matter the job. We’ve been the top local residential and commercial electricians since 2006, PLUS we offer same-day service when available. Call today!

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3 Ways That Dimmers Can Save You Time and Money

3 Ways That Dimmers Can Save You Time and Money

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Dimmer installation in des moines by Integra Electrical

All About Dimmers

Integra Electrical

Home maintenance can add up in costs, and it can be difficult to cut down on your utility bills. Emergencies can happen at any time, and appliances simply aren’t built to last forever. The good news is that there are a few tricks every homeowner can use to save money and keep your home in tip-top shape. Most probably don’t think of their home’s lighting as a way to cut down on costs, but dimmers can save you money. Your home’s lighting can not only be energy efficient, but customizable and cozy.

How Dimmers Can Help Your Home

You might not think it, but the quality of lighting can increase your home’s value and comfort tremendously. Installing dimmers adds a variety of different lighting settings to your home to save money and add ambiance. Like any electrical appliance, however, your lighting is complicated and it can be difficult to get just the right amount of lighting. Dimmers give you that trial and error without having to have a licensed electrician replace and install multiple light fixtures. If you’re considering adding some dimmers to your home, here’s how a few dimmers can help you.

  • You save money. Dimmers are economic in that they consume considerably less energy when you dim the lights. Traditional light switches only give you the option of shutting off a light or turning it on, which means either you use 0% energy or 100%. A dimmer switch gives you full control of how much energy you want to use in a light switch, which can decrease your utility bills, saving $30 a year.
  • Your light bulbs last longer. On top of consuming less energy, a home with dimmers means fewer trips to the hardware store to replace your light bulbs. Generally the less light is used, the longer the bulb lasts. 
  • They provide a variety of lighting. Besides saving money, the best perk of a dimmer is flexibility. Installing dimmers to your lighting enables you to adjust different light fixtures in your rooms for different effects. Dimmers are also easy to use because they can be programmed to change at certain times or controlled with an app or touch screen. Whether you want to accentuate some art, add ambiance, or sleep a little better at night, dimmers help to make that happen.

What You Need to Know About Dimmers

Dimmers not only improve your home’s quality of lighting, but they also come in a variety of switches and can add different effects to each room. While it might be tempting to try and install a dimmer switch on your own, your lighting is complicated, and best left to a licensed electrician to install. If you’re ready to upgrade your home’s lighting, there are a few important factors to consider first.

  • The type of switch. A dimmer is not only flexible for your home’s lighting; it’s also flexible in what type of switch you can use to adjust the lighting. An integrated switch, for example, allows you to create multiple lighting presets for one room which is controlled either by a button in the wall or a wireless controller. There are touch dimmer switches that are controlled with a simple tap of your finger and some can even switch back to a prior light setting. For something less sophisticated, there are manual switches like a slider or a rotary switch, which allow you to manually adjust the lighting.
  • The type of dimmer. You can also decide how complex you want your lighting control setup to be. A single-pole dimmer controls the dimming and lighting for all your home’s light fixtures. Three-way or four-way dimmers are used for light fixtures to be controlled by one dimmer switch with additional on and off switches. Multi-location dimmers enable you to use multiple dimmer switches to control multiple dimmers. 
  • What you want in each room. It’s important to remember that dimmers not only save you money but offer a variety of uses for each room. Having dimmers in the bathroom, for example, allows you to turn down the lights first thing in the morning for your light-sensitive eyes. Dimmers are especially best for bedrooms as the dimmed light helps prepare your body to wind down for sleep. Kitchens which can be a popular room to hang out can benefit from dimmer lights, as good lighting makes for a good-looking kitchen, which saves you money and adds curb appeal. Even outdoor lighting benefit from a dimmer switch, especially when you need a little extra light in the evenings.

Your Home Deserves Better Lighting

Saving money is tough, especially when it’s time to pay the utility bill, but installing dimmers is one helpful trick that benefits homeowners. Dimmers add a nice variety of lighting for decoration and ambiance for comfort and help cut down on utility costs. Upgrading your home’s lighting, however, is best left to a licensed electrician, who not only can help you pick a dimmer that will work best for your home, but ensure your new lighting is installed safely. Call an electrician today and get the best lighting your home deserves.


8 Kitchen and Bathroom Lighting Upgrades

8 Kitchen and Bathroom Lighting Upgrades

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kitchen and bathroom lighting upgrades

Ways To Upgrade Your Home Lighting

Integra Electrical

One of the biggest concerns that you should have as a homeowner is finding the right additions to add more appeal to your residence. For most homeowners, making upgrades in both their bathroom and kitchen is important due to the amount of use these areas get. Lighting is one of the main issues that should be addressed when trying to make these areas more functional. Without proper lighting upgrades, you will experience issues like an overall decline in the room’s atmosphere or the inability to function in either room due to a lack of visibility. Below are some of the lighting upgrades you need to consider for your home’s bathroom and kitchen.

1. Track Lighting

If you are looking to increase both the appeal and visibility in the bathroom or kitchen of your home, then track lighting is a great option. Track lighting is easy to install and will provide a higher degree of illumination. The addition of track lighting will allow you to point the lamps in any direction that you want, which only increases the level of customization you can take advantage of.

2. Self and Cabinet Lighting

One of the most poorly lit areas in a bathroom or kitchen is around the cabinets. Trying to find spices or even towels without the proper amount of lighting can be nearly impossible. Installing under cabinet lighting is the best way to solve this problem while adding an ambiance to the kitchen and bathroom areas in your home.

3. Chandeliers are a Great Addition

Creating an environment in your bathroom or kitchen that is luxurious and classy is easy when finding the right chandelier. In smaller bathrooms and kitchens, having a chandelier is essential due to the space that it can save you. If you have no room for floor lamps in these areas, a chandelier is a great option due to the amount of light it can produce and the appeal it is able to add. When choosing a chandelier, you will need to contemplate just how grandiose you want it to be. There are a variety of different chandeliers on the market, which means you can achieve the customized look you need with ease.

4. Recessed Lighting

Are you looking for lighting fixtures that can help to make your bathroom or kitchen appear bigger? Recessed lighting is a great option when trying to accomplish this task. Adding recessed lighting will result in what is called wall washing. This term is used to describe a lighting fixture that offers increased illumination to the walls in a particular room. Most homeowners who have sloped ceilings will benefit the most from the installation of recessed lighting and the subsequent wall washing effect it will produce.

5. Dimmer Switch

If you are looking for more control of the lighting that you have in your bathroom and kitchen, then a dimmer switch is a great option. Not only with the installation of this switch allow you to adjust the brightness of a room, but it will also allow you to save energy in the process. Generally, bulbs will last 25% longer when used in conjunction with a dimmer switch.

6. Change Light Bulbs

When trying to improve the ambiance and illumination that you have in the bathroom or kitchen in your home, you may want to change out the existing light bulbs. You need to make sure that the bulbs you are using are the right wattage. Using a higher wattage than recommended can lead to the bulbs burning out quicker.

7. Bathroom Mirror Lighting

One of the most used methods of illuminating a bathroom is via a mirror with lights built into it. Not only will these mirrors help you to navigate your way to the bathroom during the night time hours, but they can also offer a level of appeal that is unrivaled. When trying to get the right backlit bathroom mirror, you will have to take some measurements to ensure you get the proper fit. Due to the complexity involved in installing these mirrors, you will need to hire a professional with plenty of experience to help out.

8. Accent Lighting

In some instances, the reason for installing additional lighting in the bathroom and kitchen of a home is to highlight some of the structural features it has. Using accent lighting will allow you to draw attention to the best features in your home while creating an ambiance in the process. If you are unsure what type of structural elements you need to highlight with accent lighting, then having a professional familiar with home illumination give you guidance is vital.

Investing in new bathroom lighting will not only add more appeal to your home, but it can also increase the value. Choosing energy-efficient lighting can also help you to save money on utility bills over time.

When you need lighting repairs or installation, call the experts at Integra Electrical! 


5 Electrical Upgrades to Add to Your Iowa Home

5 Electrical Upgrades to Add to Your Iowa Home

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electrical upgrades in Iowa by Integra

Your home’s electrical system might not be something you think about too much. However, don’t you think it’s worth it to keep it running at its best? If your home’s electricity is unreliable, you may struggle to live comfortably and are at risk of electrical disasters. Remodeling your Iowa home can give you a great opportunity to give your electrical system much-needed upgrades. Improving your home’s electrical system is a big step in improving your comfort, efficiency, and safety.

Here are five electrical upgrades that can improve any Iowa home:


Electrical panel upgrades

Our current demands for electricity can often be too much for older electrical panels. A modern energy-efficient version of an appliance can still use a lot more energy than an older model. By upgrading your electrical panel, you can improve your home’s electrical capacity for electronics and other upgrades. Also, upgrading the electrical panel will give you a good opportunity to swap out any damaged or old wiring.


Smart electronics

Smart electronics, like hardwired smoke detectors, are a simple yet effective way to improve your home’s electrical system. Their ability to be programmed and interface with other smart electronics makes them very useful for any home. Hardwired smoke detectors, for instance, work as an entire system so if one detects a fire, all of them go off.


New wiring

Older wiring, like older electric panels, can have trouble keeping up with modern electrical demands. Also, older wiring is prone to fraying and other damage. This damage putting your family at risk of electrocution and your home at risk for electrical fires. Because of this, rewiring your home is a great way to ensure your home’s safety.


Whole-home surge protection

Whole-home surge protection consists of a system of surge protectors strategically placed to keep your electronics safe from power surges. This system can protect your electrical system from all kinds of power surges, whether they come from severe storms or the tiny ones from your electronics working.


Extra outlets

Outlets are what let you use your electronics by connecting them to your electrical system. Not having enough means you’ll have to switch around plugs or make tough decisions on what you want to be plugged in. Also, you might want preexisting plugs to get some service because they’re getting damaged. Whether you need new outlets or simply repairs, we can provide!


Why call Integra to keep my electrical system up-to-date?

Electrical systems may be complicated—but that doesn’t mean electrical service has to be. When you call on our Integra professionals, we keep things simple by providing superior service at a price that you can feel good about. At Integra Electrical, we believe that affordability and safety should never be compromised. Bridging the gap between fair prices and valued service, we provide the consistent and customized solutions that Central Iowa homeowners and businesses deserve.

We believe there’s more to business than making a profit. We are a value-driven business dedicated to delivering honesty, integrity, and exceptional service. People first, we commit to providing for you, our customers, our employees, and our community. You deserve the comfort of knowing we’re available whenever you need us. Someone is always answering our phones 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With our affordable services, you’ll discover that bringing back the light can make all the difference in your home. Call Integra today to learn more about how we can improve your home’s electrical systems!


7 Signs You Should Upgrade Your Circuit Breaker

7 Signs You Should Upgrade Your Circuit Breaker

  • Electrical

A circuit breaker is a key part of any safe electrical system. Their job is to shut off the circuit if something goes wrong, protecting the system from a short circuit or overload. However, like every other part of your home, it’ll get worn down and eventually need an upgrade. But how do you know when your circuit breaker needs an upgrade? Integra Electrical can help you recognize when you should arrange for a circuit breaker upgrade in your Iowa home.

Here are seven signs you need to get a circuit breaker upgrade:


Still using fuses

Older homes may still use fuses to protect against short circuits. Homes used circuit breakers back in the day when we used a lot less electricity. This means that fuses generally can’t handle as much electricity as a circuit breaker and should be upgraded.


Heated components

When you touch any part of your electrical panel, it should all be around the same non-descript temperature. However, failing circuits can make the area around them hot to the touch. If you notice any heat from a tripped circuit breaker, call an emergency electrician before you reset the breaker.


Resetting troubles

Like generic light switches, circuit breaker switches have two options: on and off. When resetting a circuit, you simply have to flick the switch back on. However, if there’s a problem, it might flick back immediately, stay in the center, or refuse to budge from the off position. Any of these occurrences should have you calling an electrician.


Inexplicable tripping

Circuit breakers often trip when the electrical load becomes too great for their circuit. However, sometimes they might trip when they have a completely safe load. These kinds of trips hint that you have a bad breaker.


Frequent tripping

An obvious sign that your circuit breaker needs upgrading is if it trips up frequently. When specific circuits are tripping frequently, that may be a sign of a bigger issue. You should consult with one of our electricians to find out what the exact issue is.


Evidence of electrical fires

Improperly grounded or contained electricity can make sparks fly as electricity jumps between components. If this is causing your circuit breaker to trip, you might notice singe marks on your breaker or acrid smells. Hold off on resetting the circuits and call us to take a look.


Old or damaged wiring

Old or damaged wiring tends to cause problems with any electronics they’re connected to. Lights can flicker, plugging in appliances may result in an electric shock, and you might smell burning around your appliances. All of these are signs you should call a professional before your home is seriously damaged. It may be a good idea to ask about rewiring.


Why call Integra to work on my electricity?

Electrical systems may be complicated—but that doesn’t mean electrical service has to be. When you call on our Integra professionals, we keep things simple by providing superior service at a price that you can feel good about. At Integra Electrical, we believe that affordability and safety should never be compromised. Bridging the gap between fair prices and valued service, we provide the consistent and customized solutions that Central Iowa homeowners and businesses deserve. We believe there’s more to business than making a profit. We are a value-driven business dedicated to delivering honesty, integrity, and exceptional service. People first, we commit to providing for you, our customers, our employees, and our community. You deserve the comfort of knowing we’re available whenever you need us. Someone is always answering our phones 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call Integra today to schedule your circuit breaker upgrade!


100 AMP Upgrade In Indianola

100 AMP Upgrade In Indianola

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100 amp upgrade in indianola

Do you have a new home addition, garage, or out-building on your property? Do you want it to have access to reliable power like the rest of your home? Then you’re going to need to update your electrical service to connect the new building. Recently our team was contacted by a homeowner about a new garage where they wanted to extend electrical service. After discussing options with our team, they decided to go with a 100 AMP upgrade in Indianola. Check out the photos below to see the great work done by the Integra Electrical team!

100 AMP Upgrade in Indianola

100 amp upgrade in Indianola

We started by giving the garage its own circuits and outlets. For an upgrade like this, we want to ensure the space is functional and able to provide for every need the homeowners may have over the years. GFCI outlets and a panel with clearly labeled breakers are key to a functional, safe system. We also added an air compressor connection in the panel.

GFCI outlets installed during the 100 amp upgrade in Indianola

Features of the 100 AMP Upgrade in Indianola

We added some ceiling lighting in the barn-style ceiling of the garage. These lights are perfect for a space like this because they’re out of the way and allow for full use of the garage space. No chance of hitting one on a wall while moving cars or belongings around!

New Meter and A Motion Detector Outside


In order to provide another level of safety, we also installed a motion sensor outside the building. This allows the homeowners to safely access the garage at night without fear of tripping in the dark. Motion sensors are also a great way to deter burglars from the property. It’s so small, it’s almost invisible!

These customers also chose to use our financing option. Financing allows for big projects like this to be affordable with small monthly payments and no money down. At Integra Electrical, we know investing in your home can become expensive, so we are proud to offer financing options for large projects like this!

Why Choose Integra Electrical As Your Electrician?

We go above and beyond to provide the best service to our customers. At Integra Electrical, our customer’s safety and comfort are our main goals. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year to provide your home reliable electrical service. Whether you need an electrical service upgrade, a ceiling fan installed, or a total rewire of your home- no job is too big or too small for the team at Integra Electrical.

If you need an electrical upgrade in Indianola, contact Integra Electrical today! 


Whole Home Surge Protector in Des Moines

Whole Home Surge Protector in Des Moines

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Are you looking for whole home surge protector in Des Moines? Then you came to the right electric company! Integra Electrical has been serving the communities surrounding Des Moines and Indianola for over 15 years providing top quality electrical services. When we got the call to help a Des Moines homeowner with some electrical upgrades, the Integra team was ready to jump into action.

This Des Moines homeowner called Integra Electrical as part of a “honey do” list. Their home was built in 1996 and therefore it needed some upgrades in order to provide the owners with safe, reliable access to electricity. We arrived on the property ready to handle a variety of electrical upgrades needed for their home. The top priority for our team was installing a whole home surge protector and installing smoke and CO detectors.

Before the Whole Home Surge Protector Was Installed

Before whole home surge protect in Des Moines installed by Integra Electrical

Before the whole home surge protector was installed, the breaker panel was at risk of electrical surges. An electrical surge can damage major appliances and home electronics. They can effect electronics such as televisions, computers, and video game systems. In order to protect their home, the homeowners opted to install a whole home surge protector in Des Moines by Integra Electrical.

After The Whole Home Surge Protector Was Installed

After whole home surge protector in Des Moines installed by Integra Electrical

The primary focus of our service was to install the whole home surge protector. The photo above shows the panel completely redone with top of the line surge protection hardware. However, we also took care of a variety of other household electrical issues. Our team installed carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in the home and added circuits to the basement. We also upgraded the plugs to GFCI compliant plugs.

Call Integra Electrical Today to Install Your Whole Home Surge Protector in Des Moines!